Zero to Booked Solid in 30 Days


My name is James Munton. For ten years, I was one of the busiest magicians in the Washington, DC area. In 2007, I moved to Dallas, TX mainly for family reasons. I was forced to give up a very lucrative business and literally start from scratch in a whole new market.

30 days after moving to Dallas, my schedule was booked solid.

I sat down and wrote a course explaining what I did and sold it to other magicians.

It was very well-received and people gave lovely reviews, but I realized that most people didn’t actually put into practice the advice I gave.

So a few years ago, I started doing private coaching to a very small number of performers.

It is MUCH better.

I don’t accept everyone who asks. If you are a mentalist, for example, it is almost impossible for you to make a good living.

Seriously, I can count the number of full-time mentalists on one hand.

But if you would like to become the busiest local performer in your area, I can help you. If you can do a decent kids show, strolling magic or stand-up show, I can help you.

Shoot me an email at and tell me a bit about yourself.

James Munton